24 Dec

Rack-oon now offers SSD powered VPS hosting!


Previously our servers consisted of standard HDD drives, which had a lot of space, however they were not really fast. Over the past weeks we have been upgrading our server nodes to our next generation SSD only setup!

Ok, so what is this next generation setup?

This simply means that all VPS in our offer are running exclusively on servers with SSD drives.

Ok, but what does this mean to me?

SSD drives outperform standard HDD plate drives by far – it means your services will load much faster, the server load will be significantly lower due to no I/O bottleneck that standard HDD drives caused. SSD can serve between 50-150x more SQL queries than standard HDD drives.

All of this will impact your services – they will perform faster, a lot faster!

This sounds great! But won’t this impact on the price of my package?

Absolutely no!

We have designed our platform so that we can keep the current upkeep cost and increase the overall performance, so you don’t need to worry about your bills – they stay the same even though everything will be faster!

We always want to offer the best price/performance ratio for everyone so we are all happy, because that is most important, right?

We were, we are and we will always be here for you and will always try to serve you the best as we can.

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