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Rack-oon guarantees that with their specialised VPSes your server will boost for your customers as never before. For the technologies: Odoo, Alfresco and Magento, Rack-oon optimizes the VM layer, OS layer and database layer to work optimal with the selected software. As new applications are being developed each day, Rack-oon will be adding new servers to its offer throughout the time.

The VPSes Rack-oon offers are white-labeled and have Odoo, Alfresco or Magento pre-installed & optimized. With these VPSes Rack-oon aims at integrators and/or resellers that want to be carefree about the technical aspect of their server and the performance. However they remain the single point of contact and are the bridge between Rack-oon and the end-customer. In most cases they make their own pricing to their customer. Some of Rack-oon’s customers decide to bill per user. Others are just up-selling the service to their customers. The choice is yours.

On top Rack-oon provides managed services on their Odoo, Alfresco and Magento servers. To get a clear picture of what the managed service contains, click here. Managed services allow you to be even more careless about the infrastructure and server. As many aspects are managed by the Rack-oon team.


Rack-oon focusses in particular on the 2 technologies of Odoo and Alfresco as Rack-oon’s has many years of experience with them.

Rack-oon has been installing Odoo since OpenERP/TinyERP v4 in 2008 and are closely collaborating with the Odoo outsourcing team of HBee. This way Rack-oon can not only solve hardware related problems, but software related issues as well.

Rack-oon’s knowledge in Alfresco Community goes back to 2011. When the Xpansa team installed the first of many Alfresco community installations together with Rack-oon. Today Rack-oon has a full knowledge on Alfresco Community. Even to boost it to a range of more than 500 users by splitting several functions of Alfresco into separate instances. Rack-oon has a backup support of Xpansa , which is a well know partner within the Alfresco Community.

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