Managed VPS

We offer different levels of management for servers. All VPS have by default our basic management level (Level 0), which simply means that server has no management from our side and you or your organization manage and maintain server completely. 

The highest level of management is level 2, which indicates Rack-oon handles all aspects of your server including all management, security, patches, monitoring etc. and is considered as a fully managed service. Main application (i.e. Odoo) is still updated on your demand, since we do not track the changes you made.

Customers are able to upgrade/downgrade management level at any time.

Level 0 – Unmanaged

No assistance in server management included

This is the most basic level of management that we offer and is designed for system administrators who do not need our assistance. If you choose this option you are responsible for securing your server as well as maintaining the server software and updates.

Support response time on this level is within 24 hours and support tickets are treated with normal priority.

Level 1 – Semi Managed

Assistance, increased management and strengthened security

Our level 1 management service is perfect for those who can do some basic tasks, but would need some help from time to time. This level includes monitoring system which informs support team about the issues as well as 30 minutes of technical support monthly for issues such as configuration and troubleshooting of important services. Initial server hardening is included, but it does not include advanced firewall setup and general log monitoring.

Support response time on this level is within 8 hours and support tickets are treated with higher priority.

Level 2 – Fully Managed

Server updates, security patches and software firewall configuration

Our level 2 management service includes one hour of technical assistance as well as a monthly software update, including the operating system and installed software.

This level includes installation and configuration of the advanced software firewall and general log monitoring. On this level you can choose whether you need root access to server or not (based on your knowledge of the system).

Support response time on this level is within 2 hours and support tickets are treated with highest priority.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding managed plans.

MonitoringLevel 0Level 1Level 2
VPS (Online/Offline)XXX
Http(s) processesXX
Database processesXX
FTP processesXX
SSH processesXX
Application (Odoo, Alfresco…)XX
Application internet accessibilityX
Resources (CPU, RAM, HDD space)X
Proactive monitoring*X

*Proactive monitoring include automatic support team response if needed.

Updates / SecurityLevel 0Level 1Level 2
OS updates (Monthly)XX
Application updates*XX
Basic Firewall setupXX
Advanced Firewall setupX

*Application updates are on your demand only. Application refers to Odoo, ERPNext, Alfresco, Magento and others.

SupportLevel 0Level 1Level 2
Support reaction timeBest effortWithin 8 hoursWithin 2 hours
Included support time*15 Minutes30 Minutes60 Minutes

*Included support time on monthly basis for related product. Support time is not transferable into next month.

SupportLevel 0Level 1Level 2
Remote backupsXXX
Individual files restoreX
Server AccessLevel 0Level 1Level 2
root / administrator accessXXoptional
Support levelLevel 0Level 1Level 2
Monthly prices30 EUR45 EUR

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