05 Apr

Now even faster hard drives than before (NVMe SSD)

NVMeRack-oon has introduced new servers with even faster hard drives from what we had until now. New hard drives are so called NVMe SSD drives which outperform classic SSD drives when it comes to speed. Read/write speeds and number of IO operations per second are far greater than ever before. Server speeds will be greatly improved, particularly servers and applications that perform many disk related operations.

All new VPS servers will be running on NVMe servers and these servers are from now on a part of our standard offer. We are offering now even more speed for same price.

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31 Aug

Rack-oon added ERPNext servers to our offer

ERPNextWe are expanding our server offer with ERPNext.

ERPNext is a fully featured ERP system designed for Small and Medium Sized business. ERPNext covers a wide range of features including Accounting, CRM, Inventory management, Selling, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Projects, HR & Payroll, Website, E-Commerce and much more.

ERPNext comes with responsive UI, so it works on any device out of the box. It helps you manage your business on the go so you can get the latest notifications, follow up on opportunities, orders, invoices, customer issues and much more while you are on the move.

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24 Dec

Rack-oon now offers SSD powered VPS hosting!


Previously our servers consisted of standard HDD drives, which had a lot of space, however they were not really fast. Over the past weeks we have been upgrading our server nodes to our next generation SSD only setup!

Ok, so what is this next generation setup?

This simply means that all VPS in our offer are running exclusively on servers with SSD drives.

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10 Jun