05 Apr

Now even faster hard drives than before (NVMe SSD)

NVMeRack-oon has introduced new servers with even faster hard drives from what we had until now. New hard drives are so called NVMe SSD drives which outperform classic SSD drives when it comes to speed. Read/write speeds and number of IO operations per second are far greater than ever before. Server speeds will be greatly improved, particularly servers and applications that perform many disk related operations.

All new VPS servers will be running on NVMe servers and these servers are from now on a part of our standard offer. We are offering now even more speed for same price.

So, what is NVMe?

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express. It is a communications interface/protocol developed specially for SSDs by a consortium of vendors including Intel, Samsung, Sandisk, Dell, and Seagate. Like SCSI and SATA, NVMe is designed to take advantage of the unique properties of pipeline-rich, random access, memory-based storage.

Advantages include requirement of only one message for 4KB transfers as opposed to two and the ability to process multiple queues instead of only one. By multiple, it means 65,536 of them. That will definitely speed things up a lot for servers processing lots of simultaneous disk I/O requests.

For more details about the difference between NVMe SSD, SATA SSD and other disk types you can search on the internet. Many tests and comparisons were done and you can check published results.

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